You must be familiar with a vacuum cleaner, right? With this tool, you can clean the dust that sticks to home furnishings, ceilings, dry wet carpets water damage restoration and roofing, sofa folds, or even in hard-to-reach places. But did you know that sometimes the dust that sticks out is not easy to clean if you just suck it in with a regular vacuum cleaner?

This type of dirt can only be cleaned optimally using a wet and dry vacuum cleaner. The Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner not only functions as a dry vacuum cleaner but also as a liquid dirt cleaner. This type of vacuum cleaner can be used for floors that are flooded by water or carpets that are wet from spilled drinks.

Most people do not understand the use of this type of vacuum cleaner, so many vacuum cleaners are damaged due to incorrect use. Even though the price of a vacuum cleaner is not cheap.
It’s a good idea to know how to use and care for this best vacuum cleaner before deciding to buy it. Because wet and dry vacuum cleaners are equipped with filters, many sometimes forget to remove the filter when they are going to suck up liquid or forget to install the filter when they are going to vacuum.

This is the factor that makes the vacuum cleaner motor burn out. It’s very easy to change the filter mode to wet or dry.

Also avoid using a vacuum cleaner to suck out large particles, so that the nozzle (end of the pipe) of the vacuum cleaner is not clogged. Before sucking dust somewhere, it would be nice to first clean the place of garbage or dirt that is large so that all that is left is fine dust, which is usually difficult to clean just by sweeping.

Dustbags also need to be replaced once a month so they don’t become a hotbed of bacteria, germs, and disease in your home. The use of this type of vacuum cleaner does not only function to clean household furniture. Wet and dry vacuum cleaners can also be used to clean car interiors, such as upholstery, carpet, or dashboard.

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